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The sun has failed me,
The light has gone,
The darkness
of the Polar night
has settled over the Earth.
Far away where I shelter
ISBLINK - the sparkling ice embraces me
Memories pursue me,
- and some I must nourish
for they give me strength;
Oh, how they need to be seen...
Look, I have written you a poem
of all my thoughts.....
Ludvig Mylius Erichsen to Marie Lesse, before his death in Greenland. Translation, Tor Schofield, 2018. 

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Living on the West Coast of Denmark 
The wild geese fly high and fast, in a V-formation and come from the land of the ice bear, if you are watching the sky for their arrival, they may well suddenly appear low, then turn sharply, their wings changing their beat and shape and then often in a cacophony of sound, they splash and touchdown. A spiritual symbol of freedom, the wild geese of the North - Greylag, Brent, Barnacle, Pink-Footed and even sometimes the Snow Goose, some from Svalbard and Novaya Zemlya north of Siberia, have landed.....     
Personal description of living on the West Coast of Denmark.    


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Inge Lehmann 
Inge Lehmann, wrote her last scientific paper aged 99 and lived until nearly 105.
In 1936 she discovered the Earth has a solid inner core surrounded by a liquid molten outer core, separated by what was to become known as the Lehmann Discontinuity. Her research was theorised in a paper simply entitled P′. Her discoveries were confirmed in 1970, when sensitive seismographs detected waves deflecting off the solid core..... 
A very brief review of the life of Inge Lehmann

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Law of Jante  
Aksel Sandemose (1899-1965), along with N.F.S Grundvig, the founder of the Danish Folk High School movement, is one of the most influential of Danish writers, although being born and dying in Denmark, he spent much of his life living in Norway.
Sandermose's, influence across Scandinavia, even today is large, especially in the areas of education and overall culture, manifesting itself in such diverse ways, as how people interact, their values and the clothes they wear.....
An explnation of the Law of Jante 



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